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Water flows throughout your home through hundreds or even thousands of feet of plumbing lines, and that means keeping an eye on them all is virtually impossible. That means it’s easy for a leak to emerge without your knowledge, creating a situation which wastes a ton of water and could lead to extreme damage to your home.

The best way to prevent this from happening? A high-quality leak monitoring system, which notifies you right away the moment they detect a water leak in your plumbing system. When you can’t keep an eye on your plumbing at all times, a leak monitor does it for you and allows you to quickly respond so you can get it fixed and avoid serious repair bills. Contact us for leak monitor systems in Las Vegas, NV today.

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Demand The Best, Demand A Leak Gopher!

Leak Gopher is at the forefront of home leak monitoring technology. For years, they’ve focused on producing some of the world’s best leak monitoring systems, and pushed technology to new heights in order to make their systems more dependable, reliable, and easier to use. Today, these devices are some of the best investments you can ever make in the long-term security of your home!

A Few Of The Amazing Features That Some Models Of Leak Gopher Leak Monitors Include:

Because these systems depend on a perfect plumbing connection to ensure seamless and leak-free operation, we strongly recommend leaving your installation to the experienced plumbing professionals from Lange Plumbing & Fire Protection. Our Las Vegas leak detection team can outfit you with the perfect system that matches your budget and your needs for a solution which lasts.

Trust Our Team With All Your Las Vegas Water Leak Needs

At Lange Plumbing & Fire Protection, taking care of your home is our number one priority, and our plumbers can outfit you with a high-quality leak monitoring system to increase your protection against these small, unseen sources of damage. We’re proud to install and service leak monitor systems from Leak Gopher, one of the leading names in plumbing leak detection. The Leak Gopher protects you 24/7 by detecting unwanted water leakage from any point in your plumbing, including appliances like your water heater, washing machine, and dishwasher. Whether it’s a microscopic fracture in one of your pipes, a broken pipe in your wall or foundation, or even a flaw in your main water line itself, Leak Gopher products can spot it and notify you right away. Plus, their flexible systems allow you to monitor and shut off water leaks to one area while continuing to use your water throughout the rest of your home!

Bring the protection and peace of mind which comes from a Leak Gopher leak monitor system to your home! Contact Lange Plumbing & Fire Protection today to schedule a Las Vegas water leak service.

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