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The Usual Suspects: What’s Wrong With My Plumbing?

The Usual Suspects: What’s Wrong With My Plumbing?

When you’re having problems with your household plumbing, it’s time to round up the usual suspects. There are 5 problems that are most often the culprit of your plumbing issues. Some of these common plumbing problems are everyday issues that you probably wouldn’t even consider problems. Most of these falls under the category of annoying. Your plumbing system is one of the workhorses of your house, and we are all very dependent on our plumbing system. It’s not until your sink or toilet is broken that you realize how important the plumbing fixtures in your home are to your overall comfort.

What Are The Most Common Plumbing Problems?

  • Clogs: There are many fixtures in your home, and they often breakdown or begin working poorly because of wear and tear. When you have a slow or clogged drain, it’s the sign of a blockage. Sometimes a fixture becomes clogged due to improper flushing or draining of foreign objects not intended for drainage. You can clear a blockage without too much effort, but you must be sure you aren’t fixing the problem in a way that could compound the problems you are having with the system currently. Bathroom sinks and showers usually have clogs comprised of hair and soap scum. Kitchen sinks typically have oils or meat byproduct. ‘
  • Leaks: When your faucets or pipes are leaking, it’s a common sign of wear and tear. If the house is new, the dripping faucet or pipe could be the result of faulty installation. Regardless of whether the house is old or new, the leak is usually a sealing issue. The seal is likely missing, worn, or dislodged. Most people are annoyed by dripping pipes or leaking faucets, but it’s important to repair them in a timely manner as they represent a serious waste of water.
  • Water Heater Issues: Water heater issues are easy to spot. They are noticeable because your hot water is suddenly gone or limited. Water heater issues are typically caused by hard water. The minerals and sediment settle in the bottom of your tank over time begin to wear on it. When the sediment is there too long, it can corrode your tank. It can also lead to discolored water and leaks from wear and tear. Flushing your water heater isn’t a big job, but if you think your system is already compromised from wear and tear, then the job may be a bit more complicated than you realize. This is an instance where you may want to call in a professional.
  • Low Water Pressure: A loss of water pressure is a common issue in older homes, but your water pressure can be low in any home. Depending on the cause of the low water pressure, you can find it’s difficult to remedy without help. It can be difficult to rinse the shampoo out of your hair or do simple tasks like wash dishes or showering.
  • Toilet Problems: A running toilet, like a leaking faucet or a dripping pipe, waste countless gallons of water. Like many items on this list of common plumbing problems, a running toilet is causes by a failing part. As your toilet gets older or the fixture stops working properly, you will notice the water running constantly. The problem is usually a worn flapper valve, and when it no longer fits, it will let water run into the bowl nonstop.

Calling in the Plumbing Professionals

What all these issues have in common is wear and tear. Your house is like anything else artificial, it will begin to breakdown over time. Your home will age, and you will need to make improvements to keep it working well. As your home begins displaying issues from wear and tear, you’ll notice more small problems. Those leaky faucets, slow drains, and worn fixtures are simple issues that you’ve likely noticed but weren’t too worried about at the time. When you encounter these issues in the future, reach out to the plumbing professionals a Lange Plumbing and Fire Protection for assistance. Call us today at (702) 500-0936 for more information about our services.