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Does Your Home Need a Fire Protection System?

Does Your Home Need a Fire Protection System?

Your home is meant to be a safe haven. It houses you, your family, and your most prized possessions, so it only makes sense that you want to ensure your space is protected. That protection might look like a generator or a CO2 alarm, but you might be surprised to learn that these systems aren’t able to protect your home from one very serious issue: fire.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), fires from single- and two-family homes cause $6.1 billion in property loss. More troubling, over 2,000 people die every year due to fires in their homes. Our team of trusted experts at Lange Plumbing & Fire Protection are sharing how a fire protection system can protect your home and family.

4 Reasons to Install A Fire Protection System

While it might be clear now that fire is a serious issue for homeowners, it can be harder to determine if a fire protection system is really worth it, especially because of all the misinformation out there. Instead of trusting these misconceptions, we’ve rounded up 4 reasons why a fire protection system is perfect for your space.

4 reasons to install a fire protection system in your home:

  1. Individually activated sprinkler heads: Far from the misconception that you will have to deal with water damage from overzealous sprinklers, new sprinkler systems are activated individually, so only the sprinklers closest to the fire will activate. Additionally, 82% of house fires have been stifled by only one or two sprinkler heads.
  2. Fast activation: Fire sprinklers are activated by heat, not smoke, so when the temperature rises due to fire, you can trust your sprinklers to turn on within 30-60 seconds. This will cut your chances for serious property loss and even fatalities. In fact, after Scottsdale, AZ implemented a law requiring all homes built after 1986 to have sprinklers, there have been 0 deaths due to fire in homes with sprinklers.
  3. High return on investment: Many new home construction projects cite the high price of sprinkler systems as a reason not to install them. However, home fire sprinklers are cheaper now than ever before—often costing similar amounts to carpet or driveway upgrades. And of the three, only one of these expenses saves your home from costly and devastating damage.
  4. Unobtrusive: Instead of the bulky sprinklers shown in movies, residential sprinkler systems can be unobtrusive and even aesthetically appealing, coming in concealed models, perfect for low ceilings.

With over 200 years of combined experience, our team at Lange Plumbing & Fire Protection knows what it takes to provide the effective and high-quality fire protection systems your home needs. Whether you are already in your home, or you are currently under construction, we offer honest advice for the perfect system for your Las Vegas space. We offer fire sprinkler installation as well as automatic systems, antifreeze systems, dry/wet-pipe system installations, and more! We also happily maintain these systems, so you can always trust your home will be protected from fire.

To learn more about our fire protection services in Las Vegas, give our skilled team a call today at (702) 500-0936.