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Three Great Plumbing Holiday Gifts

Three Great Plumbing Holiday Gifts

The holidays are upon us, and that means you’re probably trying to come up with the perfect gift ideas for the important people in your life. Whether it’s a friend or family member, you might know a homeowner who is concerned about the durability and functionality of their home. This is particularly the case when it comes to plumbing: even small problems can have big consequences, and that can lead to all sorts of frustration and extra money spent on fixing issues.

While many people look at the idea of a plumbing-related gift as something that might seem silly or dull, the truth is that the market is full of things that would make a truly amazing present for someone who owns a home. Your gift could provide them with peace of mind, water efficiency, or even tremendous savings that helps them enjoy their home to the fullest. That’s why we encourage you to look into these gift ideas a little further and see how they might be perfect for your needs.

Electronic Leak Detector

Even small water leaks can be tremendously damaging to your home. To make matters worse, most leaks are so small they’re almost impossible to spot. Leaks can happen inside walls, in the floor beneath your feet, or even inside appliances that rely on a water connection, ultimately wasting hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. And they can do this before you even realize they exist.

However, the hidden leak is virtually a thing of the past with a smart electronic leak detection system. These are essentially a second water meter with an extremely high-power sensor that can detect even the smallest levels of water flow. When water leaks, it will flow through your main water line, and these smart water meters can detect this using intelligent algorithms and advanced programming. They’re fairly easy to install on virtually any water main, and their Wi-Fi connectivity means they can alert you instantly via email, smartphone notification, and more. Many also come equipped with an alarm, and some even give you the ability to shut off your water so you can rectify the problem right away. And they do all of this for around a few hundred dollars in purchase costs.*

Smart Water Meter

Smart water meters are the future when it comes to knowing how you and your home consume the water you use. Are you wasting money on inefficient appliances? Is someone in your home taking needlessly long showers that waste a ton of additional water? These are just a few reasons why you might benefit from a smart water meter. Smart meters can track your water consumption in real-time, giving you updated feedback as to where and how your water is being used. This will help you save money by preserving water, and even lead to less stress and strain on your plumbing equipment as well!

Heated Bidet

The year 2020 taught us a number of things about ourselves, including that toilet paper can become a commodity rather quickly in the event of public panic over current events. At the height of toilet paper shortages, many people turned to bidets for a more practical and eco-friendly way of cleaning themselves after doing their business. And many were surprised just how easy it is to do so—many bidet units can be easily installed on virtually any toilet, and many have features that you might not expect. Some heat water before spraying, and others provide a range of pressures or different nozzles to focus on different parts of your anatomy. All of them also give you the benefit of reduced toilet paper consumption, decreasing living costs, and preserving the environment by preventing landfills and wastewater facilities from becoming inundated with toilet paper.

Did you receive a plumbing gift this holiday season? Are you looking to upgrade your home to the latest in smart plumbing technology? Contact the experts at Lange Plumbing & Fire Protection by calling (702) 500-0936 today!*Purchase costs are the price of the unit only. Professional installation extra.