Is It Okay to Store Things Under the Sink?

Is It Okay to Store Things Under the Sink?

As experienced Las Vegas plumbers, Lange Plumbing & Fire Protection knows all about sinks. And one thing we have learned overtime is that people store way too much in this area.

Obviously, the area under your sink is supposed to function somewhat as a cabinet or storage space. Yet too many people over-crowd this area way more than they should, stuffing their sinks with every last plastic bottle or roll of toilet paper they can fit. While sink structures are built strong to hold water piping, the components under your sink can easily be jarred or moved out of place if you store too much there. For this reason, it is important to store as little as you can under your sink, so that you don’t risk causing a leak, which may in turn cause serious damage to your plumbing system and the rest of your home.

Keep reading to learn more about what you should and should not store under your sink, and for Las Vegas plumbing service backed by affordable specials and a long list of satisfied customers, call Lange Plumbing & Fire Protection today.

Things that Are Okay to Store Under Your Sink:

  • Towels: Although you should not cram them in there, a reasonable amount of spare towels are okay to store under your sink, and may even protect this area somewhat in case of a leak.
  • Cleaning Supplies: It’s okay to put items like sponges, dustpans, and rags under the sink, as long as they are not coated in toxic materials or stacked to the top of the cabinet.
  • Recycling: Under the sink is a great place to store cardboard, paper, and plastic—as long as you do not keep too much of it there. Make sure you are taking the recycling out or your kitchen frequently, and you should be okay to store it under your sink.
  • Bags: Most people keep some sort of repository of bags under their sink. If you have a bag full or bags, or a neatly stacked file, considering throwing a few out periodically, just so you don’t end up with too many down there.

Things that Are Not Okay to Store Under Your Sink:

  • Expired Products: Not only are items like expired medicine a dangerous hazard for children, they are also a waste of space under your sink—where space should already be at a premium. If there’s something under your sink which you have not used in several years, consider throwing it away in the proper receptacle, checking to make sure it isn’t flammable. Speaking of which…
  • Chemical Cleaners & Sprays: The area under your sink is sensitive enough already without filling it with toxic chemicals. From cleaning products and powders, to dishwasher and laundry pods, to bug sprays and other items which contain harsh chemicals, try to take these things out from under your sink if they are currently stored there. Once again, besides taking up extra room, cleaners and sprays are dangerous for children, and are often a fire hazard.
  • Electronic Equipment: From handheld vacuums in the bathroom to slow cookers in the kitchen, storing electronic equipment under your sink is not a great idea. Consider that if you have a leaky pipe, you risk damaging these items severely, or causing a fire. Not to mention the fact that electronics always take up a lot of room, and should be stored in separate cabinetry if possible.
  • Glass Items: Speaking of electricity, do you store lightbulbs under your sink? If so, you should consider finding another place for them, as anything with glass is pretty dangerous to put under your sink. Light recycling is okay, but if you cram glass items like dishes and bottles into this space, you risk breaking them, and potentially cutting your hand—or causing someone else to cut their hand—the next time they look under your sink.

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