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Why Grease Should Never Go Down Your Drain

Why Grease Should Never Go Down Your Drain

Have you ever finished cooking bacon, a cheeseburger, or taco meat, and proceeded to pour the grease right down your drain? At Lange Plumbing & Fire Protection, we have seen firsthand, time and again, just how bad this is for your plumbing system. While it might be tempting to rinse that grease out in the sink, there are few things more harmful to the long-term health and efficiency of your garbage disposal and drains. Keep reading to learn why grease should never go down your drains, and make sure to contact our skilled Las Vergas plumbers for all your essential plumbing services.

What Grease Can Do to Your Drains

Grease begins to solidify as soon as it cools off, so while it might easily slide off of your pan and into your sink, it doesn’t take long before it starts to harden in your drains. Once that happens, it can clog your system badly, catching other food and debris you may put down your garbage disposal, and creating a nasty obstruction that’s likely to severely slow down your drains. Grease is also terrible for sewer lines and septic tanks, and if enough of it goes down the drain overtime, it can even congeal to block your entire neighborhood’s sewer system.

Instead of pouring grease down your drains, you should pour it into a glass jar, wait for it to harden, and then dispose of it in a garbage can. You can also just wait for grease to harden in the pan, and scrape it out from there. Some home cooks also like to collect grease and oil deposits, store them, and eventually use these fats to fry up other food in the future.

Get Your Drains Cleaned Before Thanksgiving

Have you been pouring grease down your drains, and have noticed they are moving slower than they should lately? Never fear! Just contact our Las Vegas plumbing pros for quality drain cleaning service. And remember, when you start cooking up that Thanksgiving feast this year, make sure everyone in your kitchen knows where to get rid of that nasty grease!

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