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Why You Should Invest In “Hands-Free” Plumbing

Why You Should Invest In “Hands-Free” Plumbing

One of the most recent trends in plumbing is “hands-free” or “no-touch” fixtures. You may already have encountered no-touch sinks, and hand dryers that are used commercially, such as in public restrooms. These fixtures are now becoming a viable option to install in the home as well, primarily for ease and convenience, but also to help cut down on the transfer of germs.

Automatic plumbing technology is not new but has indeed become the direction we are taking for the future of plumbing. The question is whether or not they do, in fact, reduce the transfer of germs and if they are worth the investment in commercial and residential properties.

Benefits of Hands Free Faucets and Fixtures

The consensus is that most people would rather avoid touching handles and fixtures, particularly when using public restrooms and facilities. Most people hold the idea that touchless technology is much cleaner. Touchless technology assures that every person using the restroom can wash and dry their hands as well as leave the area, never making contact with any of the fixtures.

Touchless technology can also be a green and cost-effective option. The fixtures will only dispense a precise amount of soap or paper towels at a time. The time that the water runs from the faucet is also well-controlled and thereby reduces water waste. This is particularly crucial at times when Las Vegas is experiencing a drought.

Does Touchless Technology Reduce the Spread of Germs?

The primary question regarding touchless technology is whether or not they truly do help to prevent germ transmission. The thought process is that that hands-free plumbing serves to reduce the amount of contact between a person and a fixture that could potentially carry bacteria.

What is interesting to note and has not been mentioned is that touchless technology relies on a very different type of plumbing structure than traditional plumbing fixtures. Touchless technology is complex, involving many different types of valves and filters, and that makes these fixtures can actually harbor more germs than traditional faucets and sinks. These findings challenge our ideas of what is considered cleaner technology.

How We Can Help You

Regardless of whichever types of fixtures, you choose to install in either your home, business, or other property, our Las Vegas plumbers can help you make the right decision. If you would like assistance with a fixture repair or installation, please give Lange Plumbing & Fire Protection a call today!

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