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Five Benefits of Having a Maintenance Agreement

Five Benefits of Having a Maintenance Agreement

You depend on the plumbing system in your home to work properly at all times in order for your sinks to turn on, your toilets to flush, and your washing machine to work. So when an issue crops up in your plumbing, such as a slow sink or clogged toilet, it’s easy to become frustrated. If something more serious happens, such as a leaky or burst pipe in your wall, most people go into a panic. These repairs can be expensive, so what can you do to ensure they work properly? One way to keep your house in order is to have a maintenance agreement with a qualified, professional company.

A maintenance agreement essentially states that a professional Las Vegas plumber will keep your equipment in top working order for a monthly or annual fee. This includes some minor repairs, system inspections, and other beneficial services. But why should you make this investment in your home? Here are five reasons why a maintenance agreement is a good idea:

You Can Save More Money

When you maintain your home’s plumbing system, failures and major issues happen less frequently. This means your equipment operates more efficiently, and you spend less money on major repairs and service calls.

Being able to continue to use your plumbing with confidence also places far less pressure on your emergency fund and gives you the ability to use more of your money to do what you want rather than fix your house.

You Are Able To Enjoy Peace of Mind

Besides saving you money, regular maintenance will reduce the chance of you getting stuck in the heat with no air conditioning or taking cold showers for days while your water heater is being replaced. A maintenance agreement will also lengthen the lifespan of your equipment and appliances, which postpones replacement and allows you to maximize its use for many years to come.

You Follow Manufacturers Warranty On Products

Manufacturers often put warranties on their products to make them more attractive to potential buyers, but the fine print on these warranties may surprise those who haven’t read it. Not all warranties are created equal—some manufacturers won’t replace a part if the unit has not been maintained by a professional. Rather than having to remember to book and keep up with maintenance yourself, having an agreement in place ensures that you keep the added protection of a warranty should your parts fail.

You Develop A Good Professional Relationship

When you sign a maintenance agreement with a company, you become a regular customer, and that means you develop a relationship with them in which they will want to keep you happy, no matter what it takes. Whereas a one-off repair with another company might not warrant the same level of care, a company you have an agreement with will make sure every job is done with the attention to detail. If there are any ongoing issues, your maintenance company will want to make sure they are resolved quickly in order to keep your businesses. Likewise, the technicians who take care of your home will also become familiar with how everything works and will be better able to make suggestions and pick up on issues early on, almost like they are a doctor for your home.

You Help Keep Your Home Safe

Unmaintained appliances present a higher risk of failure, and a serious failure could actually put your safety and your family’s well-being at risk. Making sure everything works properly at all times can minimize this risk to the fullest possible extent.

Additionally, maintenance work may not necessarily be the easiest or safest to carry out. While minor maintenance may be simple and require little to no skill, some more advanced jobs require a certain degree of experience and handiwork skill to perform them properly. Unfortunately, we’ve seen plenty of people who have cut themselves with pipe cutters, shocked themselves while working near electrical lines, and plenty of other problems. A professional will know the safest way to perform the work, allowing you to avoid the risk as much as possible.

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